Detect - analyse - secure
Non-Intrusive Vulnerability and Patch Scanning
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Detect - analyse - secure
Get a Security Status For Each Installed Application
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Detect - analyse - secure
Automated Patch Deployment With Silent Patching
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Detect - analyse - secure
CATCH & PATCH with SecTeer VulnDetect
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– Security Patch Management

VulnDetect is an authenticated internal vulnerability and patch scanner, capable of assessing the security state of applications and programs that are currently running on your Microsoft Windows servers and endpoints.

VulnDetect enables you to gain insights on the security and patch status of hundreds of applications and programs, such as; Acrobat Flash/Reader and Java, Web browsers, allowing you to fix any vulnerabilities in your network before they are actively exploited.

Security patch management doesn’t need to be a complicated and painful task.
VulnDetect – a simple solution to a complex problem. 



Install and Uninstall Standard & Custom Software Packages on Your Servers, EndPoints
Leverage from a prebuilt software repository or Upload any of your organization-specific software along with its installation details, create a software package and deploy on your endpoints.



Authenticated Scan of Servers and Endpoints For Vulnerable Applications In your Network
The VulnDetect Agent scans for all: EXE, OCX, and DLL files, as well as the registry, on your client and server environments to ensure a full and accurate security assessment of your applications and programs.



Reports The Security Status For Each Application with CVE References and CVSS scoring
All scan results are fed into the VulnDetect console for analysis, providing you with a complete Insecure, Patched, End-of-Life and 0-Day vulnerability overview of your installed applications and programs.



Deploys The Latest Patches And Updates To All or Selected Servers and Endpoints
VulnDetect shows you which applications require an update and, with pre-configured packages available for deployment within the console, you can select updates to be deployed automatically.



Continuously Secures Your Servers. Endpoints and Remote Machines Against New Threats
The VulnDetect agent rechecks your environment at scheduled intervals with a detailed inspection and provides you with reporting to ensure that you have the latest security and non-security updates deployed.

Unprecedented Accuracy

Automated Software Packaging

Catch & Patch

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VulnDetect Features & Benefits

VulnDetect detection data is derived from multiple sources and verified by our team of qualified experts.

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Comprehensive Overview

The dashboard gives you a complete overview of the security and compliance status of your entire network.

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Authenticated Scanning

The authenticated scanning approach enables VulnDetect to produce vulnerability scanning results with unprecedented accuracy.

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Program Security Status

The Insecure/End-of-Life/Patched status of all the programs gives you exact knowledge about security and compliance state of your network.

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Extensive Program Coverage

VulnDetect covers programs and plug-ins from the majority of all third-party vendors.

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Extremely scalable and can scan unlimited numbers of hosts in your corporate network with no noticeable performance impact.

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Easy Remediation

Pinpoints the exact location of vulnerable programs and plug-ins which pose a threat to your network and provides direct links to relevant solutions.

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