Frequently asked questions

By focusing on Security Patch Management, we strive to be the best in the industry and always keep our customer feedback a top priority.


By scanning for missing security and regular patches, organizations can gain the intelligence needed to eliminate the threat posed by insecure and end-of-life software within the corporate environment.

The vulnerability issue cannot be denied. Every organization has the knowledge that vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure can be used to compromise security. It represents an extra challenge for the teams responsible for IT. 

How can you protect your IT infrastructure more effectively? How can you make sure that computers do not have software installed that lacks the latest security patches? And how can you do this without spending vast amounts of time and effort checking dozens of vendor sites for software updates?


SecTeer VulnDetect is an authenticated internal vulnerability and application scanner, capable of assessing the security status of programs that run on Microsoft Windows, enabling you to fix the vulnerabilities before they are actively exploited.


A vulnerability scanner is a computer program designed to scan for vulnerabilities that are present within your network.


SecTeer was founded in 2017 by its current principals. SecTeer is a privately held, financially stable, and profitable company with a strong track record.


SecTeer VulnDetect is a software solution. An agent is installed locally and has a minimal footprint on the system. The agent installation files are approximately 4MB and use negligible CPU resources and around 4MB of memory when running. At scheduled times, typically once per day, the agent will run a system inspection that temporarily increases the CPU and memory usage. An inspection usually takes only a few seconds.


SecTeer VulnDetect is a proactive solution used in addition to firewalls, IDS and other network security systems. It will help you secure and monitor your network against new threats that are otherwise not monitored.


SecTeer VulnDetect utilizes agent-based scans with minimal resource usage.


The file signatures and software packages used by SecTeer VulnDetect are maintained and updated daily.


Yes. Our internal advisory for the signatures within VulnDetect always includes a link to the CVE reference.


Currently, jobs can’t be completely deleted, only stopped. We are considering ways to allow deleting (or automatically hiding old stopped) jobs.

A scan consists of 2 parts; the first part is third-party applications that SecTeer VulnDetect scans for, the second part is matching to the correct updates. Also, you may want to check if the hosts are added to an “approval group”.


A download link is always included to verify the validity of the update.


Only hosts that are in groups are patched. Once a host is in a group, approvals will be automatically created for any discovered software that can be patched.

Approve the recommended version of the software that an approval applies to and all the hosts in that group that have that software installed will be updated automatically.

You can refer to the VulnDetect Setup guide or contact our support personnel for assistance.


The ‘Software Installations’ bar chart and the ‘Vulnerability Status Breakdown’ pie chart show the same information in two different ways.

In the ‘Software Installations’ bar chart, each application is counted in all the relevant bars, i.e. if an application is both Insecure and End-of-Life, it will be counted in both bars.

Each application is counted only once in the ‘Vulnerability Status Breakdown’ pie chart, in the “worst” group that it is part of. If an application is both Insecure and End-of-Life, it is counted in the Inse