Top Vulnerabilities That Jeopardize Your Company’s Security

Michael Zaman

5. October 2022

Top Vulnerabilities That Jeopardize Your Company’s Security

Your company might run apps and programs with known vulnerabilities that jeopardize your cyber security.

Cyber attackers continue to breach companies’ security to steal or compromise corporate data. They use various malicious arsenals, such as malware, web server attacks, and ransomware, to achieve their purposes. Inadvertently, these attacks sent the costs of security breaches on an upward trajectory.

Affected companies suffered business disruptions, information and revenue losses, and equipment damage from relentless cyber attacks. No industry is spared as companies rely on technologies with known vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could exploit.

What is a vulnerability?

Most security breaches stemmed from vulnerabilities within their network. Vulnerability represents a bug or design flaw that weakens and compromises a system or network security. This allows cyber attackers to manipulate, exploit and cause harm to companies relying on the system. 

Vulnerabilities often go undetected when companies do not regularly scan the system and devices. In such cases, companies or users would be unaware that they are vulnerable or under attack. As a result, companies might not apply the necessary security patch(es), even when available.

To address network vulnerabilities, companies must use a proactive approach that includes:

  • Instilling an awareness of the various sources of vulnerabilities that can compromise company security, and
  • Implementing deliberate measures for securing the company’s security network.

What are the common sources of vulnerabilities for your company?

Cyber attack techniques have evolved over the past decade as bad actors seek to capitalize on new vulnerabilities.

  1. Unknown and Unpredictable Security Vulnerabilities

Programming errors and bugs, as well as design flaws within the software, can create security vulnerabilities for your company that attackers are keen to exploit. The risk is further increased when the flawed programs (behave) are used in a predictable manner on the network.

  1. Hidden backdoor program exploitation.

Backdoor is a special software feature that computer vendors use to carry out diagnostic, configuration, and tech support remotely. It is hidden from users but is a vulnerability that attackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to a computer.

  1. End of Life software – EoL issues

With EoL, the software manufacturer ceases to support the software, including bug fixes, security upgrades, technical support, or improvements of any sort. If your company uses EoL software, you are likely to encounter compatibility and security issues as the vendor no longer develops a patch to rectify known vulnerabilities.

  1. Zero-day exploit

The zero-day exploit is also known as O-day. Here, attackers exploit security vulnerabilities in the software applications, web browsers, and operating systems your company uses before your vendor is aware of it. As vendors are not aware of the threats, zero-day vulnerabilities are hard to mitigate. You must be continuously vigilant to stay ahead of attackers and ensure that you know about it, so you can apply patches and mitigations as soon as they are available.

How to protect your company from vulnerabilities?

Adequate protection against known and emerging vulnerabilities require continuous and deliberate preventive measures.

 Consider the following:

  • Implement multi-layered security solution comprising email virus scanners, antivirus, deep-packet inspection firewalls, and intrusion detection systems (IDSs).
  • Deploy Email Virus Detection Tools and Multifactor authentication to check email attachments for malware
  • Add extra layers of protection between each of the individual assets on the network by deploying a defense-in-depth approach to your network security.
  • Perform a periodical security audit of all your IoT devices and their operating systems on your company’s network.
  • Regularly scan all your software and operating systems and keep them up to date with the latest patches.

Which vulnerability remediation tool can I use?

The longer you leave your endpoints unprotected, the more likely your company will suffer from security breaches. Therefore, optimizing network security across servers, endpoints, and devices should be an immediate priority for your company.

Security patches stand between vulnerability and security.

SecTeer’s VulnDetect offers an extensive vulnerability detection and patch management solution. VulnDetect makes it easy for you to keep all your Windows clients/endpoints, Windows servers, programs, apps, and desktops up to date and secure.

Be on the safe side! Start with SecTeer’s FREE Vulnerability Assessment today and get professional help.


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